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What I Learned – What Two Terrible TV Characters Deserved Each Other?

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What Two Terrible TV Characters Deserved Each Other?

I’m a sucker for a good TV couple.

But sometimes a TV couple is great because they’re just meant for each other…in the worst way. AKA, they both suck.

What TV couple made you say, “Yep, they deserve each other because I can’t stand either of them”? Was it Piper and Alex on Orange Is the New Black, who were consistently toxic to everyone around them?

Or Clay and Ani on 13 Reasons Why, who both acted morally superior despite doing bad stuff?

Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

Maybe you loved Lucas and Peyton together on One Tree Hill because you thought they were both terrible liars and cheaters.

Or maybe you thought it was actually sort of fun to watch Count Olaf and Esme together on A Series of Unfortunate Events, because they were both just so evil.

Eike Schroter / Netflix/ Courtesy Everett Collection

Which TV couple do YOU think is perfect for each other because they’re both awful? Let us know (along with why they truly deserve each other) in the comments below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!


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