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What I Learned – Nicole Richie And Cameron Diaz Are Sisters-In-Law

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Updated 3 hours ago. Posted 11 hours ago

In case you didn’t know!!

Today I saw this tweet, and I was like, TRUE. We don’t talk about this enough.

Nicole Richie & Cameron Diaz are sister in laws and I feel like we don’t talk about that enough

02:27 AM – 13 Oct 2020

Then I realized…is it because…people…don’t…know?!?!??!

Because, yes. Cameron Diaz is married to Benji Madden, and they have one child together.

Donato Sardella / Via Getty Images

And Nicole is married to Joel Madden, and they have two children together.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

So by that logic, they most definitely are sisters-in-law!! Or, in this case, I guess they are twins-in-law. This also makes Cameron the aunt to Nicole’s children, and Nicole the aunt to Cameron’s. WHAT A WORLD!!!

Donato Sardella / Via Getty Images

But you’re probably wondering now, Okay, cool, they are related through marriage, but…do they even like each other or hang out??

Donato Sardella / Via Getty Images

And based on some very quick browsing through paparazzi photos, the answer is YES! They get their nails done together!

They go grocery shopping together.

Gedu, Sala / Terma / SL / Backgrid

They get lunch together and Cameron drives.

Evga, Gice / EVGA / Vasquez-Max Lopes / Backgrid

And in general, they appear to enjoy each other’s company!

Rmcl, Boni / Maciel / BONI / Backgrid

So now we can all discuss this celebrity family at dinner tonight and give the topic the attention it deserves!!! THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT.

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