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What I Learned – Halloween Movies Rating Quiz

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Are you more Marnie from Halloweentown or Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas?

  1. How do you feel about Hocus Pocus?

    Buena Vista/ Courtesy Everett Collection

  2. How do you feel about Halloween?

    Compass International Pictures/ Courtesy Everett Collection

  3. How do you feel about The Nightmare Before Christmas?

    Buena Vista Pictures/ Courtesy Everett Collection

  4. How do you feel about Casper?

    Universal/ Courtesy Everett Collection

  5. How do you feel about Beetlejuice?

    Warner Brothers /Courtesy Everett Collection

  6. How do you feel about The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

    Mary Evans/ 20th Century Fox/ Ronald Grant/ Everett Collection

  7. How do you feel about Twitches?


  8. How do you feel about Scream?

    Dimension Films/ Courtesy Everett Collection

  9. How do you feel about Scary Movie?

    Dimension Films/courtesy Everett Collection

  10. How do you feel about Halloweentown?

    Disney/ Courtesy: Everett Collection

  11. How do you feel about The Addams Family?

    Mary Evans/ Paramount/ Ronald Grant/ Courtesy Everett Collection

  12. Finally, how do you feel about Ghostbusters?

    Columbia/ Courtesy Everett Collection

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