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“I would like to discuss Jacob’s hairline in New Moon.”

If you’re like me, you’ve rewatched The Twilight Saga in quarantine — and New Moon hit a little different this year:

And if you love the movie, then you absolutely love the jokes about the movie. That’s just part of being a Twi-hard. Here are some of the best New Moon jokes on Twitter:


edward stepping out into the streets of italy when he wanted the volturi to kill him in new moon

12:25 AM – 24 May 2019


the way that in new moon when Bella was like “i belong with you” and edward was like “no (lmao) you don’t”

05:11 AM – 20 Aug 2020


new moon soundtrack did more for world history than that short fuck napoleon https://t.co/78ErzQ1VC4

04:15 AM – 05 Apr 2019


i dont remember which part it was in twilight new moon but it was either where jacob finally cut his hair short or when he first took his shirt off but either part was when i became sexually awakened

12:49 AM – 24 May 2018


The way Edward left Bella in the forest in New Moon like excuse me!?!? you couldn’t put her on your back and be like come on Spider monkey let me drop you off real quick and then I’ll leave you
Men are pathetic

04:43 AM – 25 Jul 2020


I’m sorry the scene of victoria running through the woods away from the wolves in twilight: new moon is not talked about enough

07:15 PM – 08 Apr 2020


in new moon when the camera rotates around bella staring out her window as the seasons change bc she’s depressed that edward left ….. now thats cinema

02:47 AM – 15 Jul 2020


we will NOT have this debate again jacob was the superior man for bella he was warm he was her age and he was always shirtless

08:15 PM – 12 May 2018

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