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This student who’s a genius, but also a savage:


This student who discovered the most perfect sendoff ever:

A student signed their email “pandemically.” Glad to see they are coping with some email salutation humor.

09:26 PM – 10 Sep 2020


This widely known fact:


This girl who was not having it:

messaged a girl “i like ur photo wall!” in zoom class and she turned off her camera

04:26 PM – 16 Sep 2020


This student who insisted on putting comfort first:

not wearing pants during my zoom class and nobody can tell i love holding secrets. i’m literally gossip girl right now

04:32 PM – 15 Sep 2020


This student who is really feeling the struggle:

I joined my zoom class today and wondered why there was only ten people and my professor said “you don’t need to be on here while you’re taking the quiz” and I yelled “A QUIZ WHAT” and I wasn’t muted 🌚🌚🌚

04:15 AM – 11 Sep 2020

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