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What I Learned – 28 Tweets For Everyone Who Was Sexually Awakened By Aragorn, Son Of Arathorn

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If there ever comes a time that I don’t find Aragorn attractive, I’m officially dead inside

08:42 PM – 11 Aug 2018


two towers aragorn is an all-time hog slinger, all he does is glower and kill uruk-hai and he’s got everybody in rohan horny as hell

01:07 AM – 06 Apr 2020


it’s been nearly 20 years but nothing will ever come close to the undiluted seismic sexual energy of this cinematic moment

05:21 AM – 03 Aug 2020


My sexuality is Aragorn sitting in a corner in the Prancing Pony, hood covering the face, smoking, brooding,

08:30 PM – 08 Jun 2020


me when Aragorn, King of Gondor, approaches the hobbits a top Minas Tirith at the end of LOTR 3 and says “my friends, you bow to no one”

12:38 AM – 30 Jul 2020


aragorn is my ideal man and i don’t just mean looks i mean the fact that he is burdened by his destiny and crown

09:00 PM – 29 Jul 2020


How Frodo didn’t end with a crush on Aragorn, the sexy greasy badass fighter who saved him, is beyond my comprehension #LOTR

08:23 PM – 09 Jun 2020


it’s weird how i don’t think viggo mortensen is attractive like

at all

but when he plays aragorn


05:13 PM – 12 Jul 2018


Listen, I know everyone talks about the Aragorn ‘Door Scene’ (and I get it and am 100% there with you), but this scene gave 11 year old me THOUGHTS………….

12:22 AM – 28 May 2020


Legolas 100% only went on that quest because he wanted to bone Aragorn https://t.co/auPZ30wBWW

03:04 PM – 29 Jul 2020


there are a lot of attractive people in this world, but none of them even come close to Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn

10:44 PM – 25 Jun 2017


There may come a day when Aragorn opening this door is not the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s still not today

03:59 PM – 09 Jan 2015


Watching LOTR. Aragorn’s smouldering good looks and inexplicably attractive greasy locks are balm for the soul.

07:44 PM – 08 Feb 2018


@Gusbuckets Me every time I see the scene where Aragorn kicks the helmet and someone is within earshot

01:42 AM – 12 Jul 2020


@reesefinchs I mean most of the subtitles are wrong anyway, for example anything Legolas says is actually “Aragorn daddy” over and over

12:43 AM – 29 Dec 2018


In other news, while I was looking for a gif, I remembered that Aragorn in the LOTR movies is UNNECESSARILY ATTRACTIVE

01:37 PM – 29 Oct 2016

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