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What I Learned – Funniest Tweets From Women — 8/1/20

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LOL, remember when everyone was making bread and doing puzzles?

It’s the first of the month, so let’s kick it off with some hilarious tweets from women!


Can we talk about how insane the premise of the movie 27 Dresses is? Who has 27 friends? Who knows 27 people? Who can afford going to 27 bachelorette parties? So many questions.

03:12 AM – 19 Jul 2020


guys seriously how fucking shocked were you the first time you saw hors d’oeuvres written out

07:20 PM – 26 Jul 2020


Thank you to my postman for reminding me I’ll never be the green-fingered goddess I aspire to be 🤦🏼‍♀️

02:59 PM – 26 Jul 2020


can we start a thread on ways immigrant parents have expressed they want us to come home? ill start

06:10 AM – 26 Jul 2020


Liquor stores gotta start a rewards program, I know I’m due for a free pint!😂😭😂🤔

06:02 PM – 23 Jul 2020


the other day my daughter told me we “need to have a talk” & then she calmly explained to me she doesn’t like how i talk to her when i’m trying to rush her. she said rushing her interrupts her imagination and makes her actually take longer. the fucking DRAG. the shame i felt omg

04:10 PM – 26 Jul 2020


I hate that theres no way to know if you’re on track or not for your annual consumption of 8 spiders

07:09 PM – 30 Jul 2020


I have a headache. Should I drink my third cup of coffee today or my first glass of water this week?

03:59 AM – 30 Jul 2020


I tweeted about how Europe is handling the pandemic better than America and a bunch of people in my mentions are telling me to go live in Europe and I’m like…I can’t because Americans aren’t allowed in because of how badly we’re handling the pandemic

05:46 PM – 27 Jul 2020

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