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What I Learned – 26 British Tweets That Made Us Laugh Out Loud This Week

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just went to end a call with ‘speak to you later’ but was thinking ‘take care’ and it somehow resulted in ‘I’ll care for you’

11:07 AM – 27 Jul 2020


thinking abt the mad clutch control peppa pig’s dad has you know always drivin up that steep hill

12:40 PM – 13 Jul 2020


if anything I’d say the rules on the new localised lockdown are a bit too clear, next time Matt Hancock should slip the announcement in five chocolate bars across different newsagents in the town he wants to lock up

09:51 PM – 30 Jul 2020


Just realised the Xmas John Lewis advert is going to be someone sitting alone wearing a mask leafing through a photo-album with pictures of them and friends having a social life over a breathless slow acoustic cover of “We’ll meet again”

07:22 AM – 31 Jul 2020


“Fuck off crybaby. Nobody cares.” – me to Batman if I ever have to see/hear his origin story again

09:45 AM – 30 Jul 2020


The poor are only permitted to eat potatoes. If they desire a “treat” or “snack food” they may drink the nutrient-rich potato water from boiling their potato. I’m in government 🙂

07:22 AM – 29 Jul 2020


We were struggling to choose a front door colour… thank you to the postie for helping us out 🤣🤣🤣👏🏼👏🏼 @PostOffice

12:18 PM – 14 Jul 2020


the virus will be over by Christmas and on Christmas day the virus and the scientists will meet in no man’s land for a game of football

11:18 AM – 17 Jul 2020


being attracted to men is so embarrassing, the bar is so low, we’re like “and when i talk he listens 🥺” 🤢

08:53 PM – 26 Jul 2020


they should make a UK version of The Office. Can you imagine a Michael Scott with a British accent? Just the thought is cracking me up

04:02 PM – 30 Jul 2020


Incredible moment on BBC Breakfast this morning when Naga asked Charlie when was the last time he saw a beaver.

Charlie: “Well it’s been a while, if in ever in fact…”

Look at their faces afterwards.

05:28 PM – 30 Jul 2020

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