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What I Learned – People Are Sharing Times They Got Pics With Celebs — And Some Are Great And Others Are Kinda Rough

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One of my favorite Twitter threads is when user @sethdanie1 asked people to post their pictures with celebrities, saying, “Bonus points if it’s not a meet and greet, and bonus bonus points if you look like shit.”

Post a picture of yourself with a celebrity.

Bonus points if it’s not a meet and greet, and bonus bonus points if you look like shit

03:34 PM – 04 Apr 2020

Yes, this post has been done before, but it’s worth revisiting/looking at some new golden pics.

I have to say — some of these pics are great, some of these pics are awkward, and some of them are rough. I’ll let you decide which is which. Here they are:


Lady Gaga:

@sethdanie1 @kirstiealley Both bullet points apply here lol I look waaaay too shook (cause I was) 😂

08:30 PM – 04 Apr 2020


Andy Cohen, Gigi Gorgeous, and more:

@sethdanie1 @kirstiealley “Tell me which celebs you’ve picked and I’ll tel you who you are”

08:24 AM – 05 Apr 2020


Billie Eilish, Troye Sivan, Halsey, Dua Lipa:


Lana Del Rey and Carly Rae Jepsen:


Megan Thee Stallion and others:


One Direction members and Brad Pitt:


Lana Del Rey and Kacey Musgraves:

I’m living for these. Thank you all for your service and for sharing.

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