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What I Learned – Leslie Jones Surprised Laverne Cox With An Emmy Nomination And Things Got Awkward

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“Girl, that’s how you’re gonna act?”

Okay. SO. The nominations for this year’s Emmy Awards were revealed this morning, with Leslie Jones hosting the announcement show alongside a panel of celebrities participating remotely.

In one moment from the broadcast that was equal parts confusing, funny, and extremely awkward, Leslie tried to surprise Laverne Cox with the news that she had just been nominated for an Emmy. Clearly, Leslie was aiming for a Heartwarming Television Moment™. But things……..did not work out that way.

Leslie Jones told Laverne Cox she’s nominated for an Emmy live on air — and it didn’t exactly go as planned

03:55 PM – 28 Jul 2020

“You know what, Laverne? Laverne, I’ve got something to tell you…” Leslie teased, while Laverne stared into her webcam, confused.

“You were nominated for an Emmy, in…” Leslie stopped to look over her shoulder at the crew. “…What category?”

Leslie then consulted with an off-screen producer, who tried to tell her what category Laverne was nominated in. At first Leslie heard “Best Actress” and was very excited, but she was quickly corrected to “Guest Actress.” Still very cool!!!

Meanwhile, Laverne had clearly misheard Leslie, and thought she was referring to her past Emmy nomination in 2019: “I was nominated last year, Leslie, yes. Thank you,” she replied.

“I was supposed to do that way smoother,” Leslie apologized, before trying again. She excitedly told Laverne that she just won an Emmy — before correcting herself again…because she was actually just nominated for an Emmy.

Laverne, still thinking Leslie was referring to 2019, and now thinking that Leslie was calling her out for not winning the 2019 Emmy, just stared blankly, unsure what to say.

“You’ve been nominated! You’ve been nominated!” Leslie yelled at the screen over and over, while Laverne just stared at her blankly. Meanwhile, Josh Gad and Tatiana Maslany, in an apparent attempt to end the awkwardness, started clapping awkwardly.

“Can you not hear me?” Leslie asked.

It’s not clear whether there were some technical difficulties on Laverne’s end, or if she was just confused by Leslie’s fumbled delivery, but she had exactly zero reaction to the nomination news, simply saying: “Okay, um, really?”

“Girl, that’s how you’re gonna act?” Leslie asked her, trying to get her to be more excited. “I would snatch my wig off! I would snatch that wig off!”

And after more back-and-forth between the two, with Leslie exasperatedly asking at one point, “Laverne, do you not believe me?”, Laverne finally accepted the news. “Okay!” was all she said with a giggle and a shrug. And that was that.

Anyway, congrats to Laverne on her FOURTH Emmy nomination for her role on Orange is the New Black! You can watch her full exchange with Leslie in all of its cringeworthy glory below:

Leslie Jones told Laverne Cox she’s nominated for an Emmy live on air — and it didn’t exactly go as planned

03:55 PM – 28 Jul 2020

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