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What I Learned – Funny Tweets From This Weekend

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Updated 1 hour ago. Posted 2 hours ago

Some A+ Folklore tweets, FYI.

Here are some funny tweets from this weekend for anyone who might need a laugh, a distraction, or just something light to read. Enjoy and stay safe.


Signatures are so weird. It’s like, okay you have to believe it’s really me because I used cursive.

06:03 PM – 24 Jul 2020


“can you come at 1:30 instead” no that’s why I booked a 10am appointment. Goofy . See you at 10. And don’t have an attitude 😘

02:23 PM – 25 Jul 2020


My straight roommate just offered me a “carrot that looks like a penis” in another act of fierce allyship

06:34 PM – 26 Jul 2020


I genuinely have no clue what other kids were doing during my childhood while I talked shit with the parents. my brother ran up to me one time and screamed “get your bike, we’re looking for frogs!”

are you insane? I’m trying to talk with Brent’s mom about her divorce.

11:02 PM – 24 Jul 2020


Developmental psychologist say that a child should be starting to sound off in the comments by 18 months

03:38 PM – 24 Jul 2020


a grown man catcalled me from a razor scooter & i didnt even beat him up where’s my nobel peace prize

08:03 PM – 25 Jul 2020

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