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What I Learned – Funny Tweets About Netflix’s “Indian Matchmaking”

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Can Sima Aunty find ME a man?

This week, Netflix dropped their latest dating reality series, called Indian Matchmaking, and it is PRIME CONTENT. Aside from getting a look at how the process behind arranged marriages work, we also got to meet some interesting people who range from charming to chaotic.


Broke: Hinge. Woke: Sima Taparia.

So, after binge-watching this entire series in one sitting, I have curated a list of tweets guaranteed to make anyone who’s seen the series chuckle a lil’ bit:


No One:
Aparna: “I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since I was 7”
Also Aparna: “I hate being a lawyer”

01:52 AM – 20 Jul 2020


I get why Aparna is single, but the fact that Nadia is as well shows us that movies lie #IndianMatchmaking

10:34 PM – 18 Jul 2020


Aparna doesn’t like it when… her dates are friendly with waiters??? #indianmatchmaking

08:03 PM – 16 Jul 2020


If Nadia on #IndianMatchmaking is an 11/10 and getting ghosted then there is no hope for the rest of us 😭

03:48 AM – 17 Jul 2020


sima looking at a painting of a dog and asking aparna about her “cat photos” singlehandedly carried the comedy of this show #IndianMatchmaking

06:28 PM – 20 Jul 2020


Literally no one:

Aparna from #IndianMatchmaking: he didn’t know Bolivia had salt flats and I was like “oh, yeah”

08:06 PM – 21 Jul 2020


Person: “I would like to relax for 10 days.”
Aparna: “what are you doing in your life that you have to relax for more than 3 days?” #indianmatchmaking #netflix

02:00 AM – 19 Jul 2020


#Nadia- 12/10
-A whole cinnamon roll
-Deserves the world
-Confident qween
-Only wants love

02:24 AM – 20 Jul 2020


When aparna’s mother called srini “srini, the loser” I choked on my rice!!! 😳😭😩#IndianMatchmaking

10:14 PM – 19 Jul 2020


Vyasar , Ankita and Nadia are the best people in indian matchmaking #IndianMatchmaking #indianmatchmakingnetflix

12:46 PM – 22 Jul 2020


Unreleased footage of Sima trying to find matches for Pradhyuman and Aparna
#indianmatchmakingnetflix #IndianMatchmaking

12:41 PM – 22 Jul 2020


Why is Aparna and her “do we have to see our husbands everyday 😷” such a fucking mood????#IndianMatchmaking

12:50 AM – 21 Jul 2020


If you’ve finished watching #IndianMatchmaking I’d just like to let you know that I too angrily stare at the male half of a hetrosexual couple on a date the way the cat does on Pradyuman & Rushali’s date.
Most relatable cast member✔

02:23 PM – 20 Jul 2020

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