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What I Learned – Funny Tweets From Women This Week — 7/19/20

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The ways guys “apologize” is too on the nose.

You know what time it is — here are the funniest tweets from women this week!


why do people say “keep up the good work” i already did the good work and now i would like to stop

10:01 PM – 08 Jul 2020


I remember when I was younger I thought perish was a good word. I was praying with my family one night and I prayed that we would all perish. The silence that filled the room is unforgettable 😂🤣😭

11:30 PM – 10 Jul 2020


men hating women for liking astrology .. u literally play a game of spreadsheets where u pretend to be the manager of a football team

11:37 AM – 16 Jul 2020


My parents sold their house like a month ago but my mother JUST realized she did not uninstall the special fire alarms she had put in that are a recording of her own voice screaming at me and my sister to “GET OUT OF THE HOUSE BECAUSE MOM’S CANDLES CAUGHT THE HOUSE ON FIRE”

02:49 AM – 15 Jul 2020


I would like to thank zac efron for changing his look to keep up with my taste. When i was 12 he was my type and at 26 he is my type. We love consistency

05:10 PM – 15 Jul 2020

Disney Channel / ©Disney Channel/Courtesy Everett Collection


god i cant wait to be a home owner in the future so i can host family gatherings and have dinners in my dining room that looks like this

05:03 AM – 17 Jul 2020


apparently putting books on your nightstand does not count as reading, just so you know. News to me.

06:29 PM – 17 Jul 2020


coworker used “anyway” as an email sign-off instead of “best” or “warmly” or w/e and honestly that’s the only work mood left

04:16 PM – 14 Jul 2020

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