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What I Learned – Monica Lewisnky Is The Queen Of Twitter

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This is Monica Lewinsky. If you’re old enough to know what made her famous, then I won’t repeat myself. If you’re not, I’d like to highlight her current accomplishments, including, but not limited to: anti-bullying activist, TED Talk speaker, and muse of many a rap lyric.

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Well, I’m here to add another title to her belt: queen of Twitter. I’m not kidding, Mon’s quote-tweets and comebacks on the app are the stuff of legend:

If you don’t believe me, take a look at some of Monica’s best tweets that I’ve curated for your viewing pleasure:


a cautionary tale: when zooming on phone, pay extra attention to replying privately vs everyone. was thrilled to share i was still in pj’s sans bra with my TED speaker community.

05:07 PM – 25 Jun 2020


i get a version of this tweet a lot. and i feel like i finally nailed the reply today.
so, ya know, showing off!

03:51 PM – 18 Feb 2020


@KymLang my first job out of college was at the white house. yeah, i definitely wouldn’t have had a career that might have gotten me invited to a philanthropy summit.

01:56 AM – 10 May 2018


cannot. believe. that. is. a. thing.
*exit stage left*

02:07 PM – 26 Jul 2018


“What’s your name?”


“Like Monica from Friends?”

“Yes. Yes exactly.” https://t.co/5q75NwGtYf

02:37 AM – 29 Mar 2019

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