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In the 2001 Royal Rumble, Kane wore a mask for 54 minutes and eliminated 11 people.

You can wear one to Aldi.

09:17 PM – 14 Jul 2020


masks are sexy i feel like a flirty little assassin everytime i go to tesco why would you deprive yourself of that

11:21 AM – 14 Jul 2020


I just saw Joanna Lumley in Sainsbury’s and all she has in her trolley is a bottle of champagne and some coriander and this is not a dream

11:58 AM – 09 Jul 2020


Craig mate, it’s a £10 nando’s voucher

You’re only meant to lick the boot, not deepthroat it https://t.co/OcZMFN9sVS

12:38 PM – 08 Jul 2020


#EatOutToHelpOut is trending in the UK and I am proud to hear such valuable sex advice reaching the masses.

12:10 PM – 08 Jul 2020


Lorraine Kelly should’ve won a BAFTA for this. I honestly thought I was watching Jodie Comer in Killing Eve

07:54 AM – 08 Jul 2020


At the shops: I mustn’t buy a little chocolate treat
When I get home: I wish I had a little chocolate treat

11:22 AM – 13 Jul 2020


every time my mum says to use ghee not butter i say ‘thanks for clarifying’ and she hates it

02:27 PM – 12 Jul 2020


The fact that working out *actually* makes me happy after I’ve done it makes me feel sick

01:29 PM – 16 Jul 2020


the virus will be over by Christmas and on Christmas day the virus and the scientists will meet in no man’s land for a game of football

11:18 AM – 17 Jul 2020

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