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What I Learned – The Funniest Tweets About Verified Accounts Not Being Able To Tweet

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Time for unverified Twitter to shine!

If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you’ve most likely noticed that verified accounts were unable to tweet for a couple of hours.

That’s due to many high-profile accounts –including those of Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Apple, and Uber – being hacked. To take proper precautions, Twitter temporarily blocked verified accounts from tweeting; they could only like and retweet other’s tweets.

Those who aren’t verified were absolutely having a field day with this – and, of course, writing hilarious tweets about the situation. Here are the funniest tweets about verified accounts temporarily losing their power to tweet:


they silenced the blue checks and @angelmendoza___ can’t shut up for more than a minute

10:24 PM – 15 Jul 2020


blue checks retweeting the every word account is the highest level of refusing to log off

i have no choice but to respect it at this point

11:25 PM – 15 Jul 2020


The blue checks are gonna write an open letter to Harpers about being silenced when this is over.

10:53 PM – 15 Jul 2020


Blue checks trying to communicate through retweets are so sad bro. Like a genie stuck in a lamp lmao

11:03 PM – 15 Jul 2020


And as the blue checks got hacked, I couldn’t help but wonder….could our relationship hack it or was the breakup verified?

11:37 PM – 15 Jul 2020



Son: “Dad, was there any part of 2020 that was good?”

Me: “For about one hour in July, verified people on Twitter couldn’t tweet.”

12:42 AM – 16 Jul 2020

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