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What I Learned – Jimmy Butler’s dribbling draws call to Disney hotel security

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Just take a break, JimmyJimmy Butler puts in work—maybe too much work. Butler famously (or infamously) showed up at 3:30 a.m. for his first practice with the Heat in October. It was supposed to start at 10. “Just a little extra work while y’all in your third dream. I like to get it in,” Butler said. “How did I get in today? I clocked in at 3:30. You’re asleep, right?”But being asleep in the middle of the night is a totally valid reason to not be working on your game. So is being confined to a hotel room for 48 hours to help protect people around you from a deadly disease. Butler, though, apparently couldn’t stand the idea of letting his mandatory quarantine period inside the Disney bubble get in the way of his preparation for the Heat’s playoff push. According to Chris B. Haynes of Yahoo Sports and TNT, hotel security responded to a complaint of a “loud bumping” in the Heat’s hotel. “Sources told me that the security guard went over to investigate, found the room, knocked on the room,” Haynes said. “And who opened the door? It was Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler, drenched in sweat, with practice gear on from head to toe. He was dribbling a basketball throughout his room the whole time. So, even during the quarantine period, Jimmy Butler was still getting his practice sessions in.”How many players do you think even packed a basketball for their trip to Disney? I don’t think Butler could have called the team equipment guy during the quarantine period and told him to bring up a ball, so I’m betting he packed one because he knew he’d be locked up in his room for two days and he’d tear his hair out if he couldn’t touch a basketball for more than eight hours. Or maybe he just wanted to disrupt the sleep of whichever team was on the floor below. The best of SIWe’re running a three-part longform series this week on former Packer Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila’s involvement with an alleged cult. … Chris Mannix reports from Orlando on what life is like inside the NBA bubble. … Who will be MLB’s worst team in 2020? … Coronavirus testing will be the key to college football.Around the sports worldOdell Beckham Jr. says he almost retired after injuring his ankle in 2017. … A total of 11 umpires (15% of all umps) are opting out of the MLB season. … Yasiel Puig finally found a new home, signing with the Braves for this season. … A Michigan defensive lineman has been stuck at his family’s home in Scotland while the rest of the team is working out in Ann Arbor.Shaq stopped to help a stranded motorist in Florida until the cops could arriveThis is really creativeEither people in Tuscaloosa think Tommy Tuberville is a right-wing nutjob or they just can’t stomach the thought of voting for an Auburn manWow, she can actually fail at somethingHell of a goalHe’s really getting after that subWell, well, well…They’ll be fighting again for real in a few weeksAnd now they’re teammates with the PenguinsPretty cool feature at the new Red Sox Triple A ballparkLife is tough for reporters in the NBA bubbleFishing is the hottest NBA bubble activityNot sportsA skeleton discovered during the construction of a railway in England is believed to be that of an Iron Age murder victim. … A squirrel in Colorado tested positive for the bubonic plague. … They may just be pictures of birds but I promise the winners of the 2020 Audubon Photography Awards are great. … Antibodies from llamas could be the key to helping humans fight the coronavirus. … A rare vintage Mario game sold at auction for $114,000.At least they were wearing masksA pipe organ made entirely out of paperThe bane of my existence in French classA good songEmail dan.gartland@si.com with any feedback or follow me on Twitter for approximately one half-decent baseball joke per week. Bookmark this page to see previous editions of Hot Clicks and find the newest edition every day. By popular request I’ve made a Spotify playlist of the music featured here. Visit our Extra Mustard page throughout each day for more offbeat sports stories.


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