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What I Learned – Dak Prescott: Dallas Cowboys have a franchise quarterback contract or not

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Like it or not, one way or another, Dak Prescott is a franchise quarterback. The tag he signed says so.But what I find fascinating is no one seems to be able to agree on just how good he is. That goes for the fans of course, and apparently Dak’s representatives and the Dallas Cowboys.Look, clearly Dak is no Patrick Mahomes or Russell Wilson or Lamar Jackson, and I could list a few more. But that’s ok. To me, Prescott is near the top of tier two when it comes to QBs and can be the starter on a Super Bowl team. There’s plenty of NFL franchises throughout history that would sign up for that I’m sure.So, I’d describe him as very good. The guy does have a 40-24 record since taking over at quarterback in Dallas. And he’s completed nearly 66% of his passes and has almost three times as many touchdowns passes as he does interceptions. According to Madden, he’s an 84. Personally, I’d probably go 86, somewhere between a B and B+. But that’s semantics.Now when it comes to a contract, it’s more complicated than that, as the team has to factor in the salary cap.However, I remain amazed at how polarizing a proven quarterback like Prescott is. As no one can seem to agree on how to describe him.One thing is for sure though, he’s certainly talked about like a star, whether that is because of what is on his helmet, or his ability as a QB.


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