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What I Learned – A Care Home Recreated Iconic Album Covers In Lockdown

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The past few months have been rough on everyone — but especially those in care homes, which often have strict policies that keep residents away from loved ones.

However, in a now viral tweet, Robert Speker had a great idea for Sydmar Lodge Care Home residents who had been in lockdown for many months: recreating iconic album covers.

Sydmar Lodge Care Home residents and carers have been recreating classic album covers. The home has now been in lockdown for 4 months.

04:34 PM – 10 Jul 2020

To create the covers, Robert — an Activities Coordinator at Sydmar Lodge in the UK — applied makeup, drew on tattoos, and did all the photography and editing.

@LibertyHussein I made the suggestions of which albums and which resident best suited the look, or had a vague similarity to the artist. Then I proposed the idea to each resident. Gladly all of them were enthused and perhaps a bit bemused by the idea, but happy to participate.

11:20 PM – 12 Jul 2020

Robert told BuzzFeed, “My responsibility is always to entertain them, but in lockdown I had to turn things on their head and come up with new ideas how to achieve this.”

@ColbyKGallagher That would be nice! Seriously though, entertaining the residents is what I’m employed to do, but it’s been really gratifying being able to entertain and lift the spirits of so many people with this project.

05:07 PM – 12 Jul 2020

So, without further ado, here are some of the brilliant photos to have come from the project:


First, there’s Vera looking fantastic as Adele:


Next, R.C. giving Taylor Swift a run for her money:

@Robertspeker / Big Machine


And Martin, giving a hint of English love to the iconic Springsteen cover:


Of course, there’s “Casher” rocking the classic black and white:


And this Blink-182 recreation that pays attention to all the small things:


Then there’s Lilyonna posing as Madonna:

@Robertspeker / Warner Bros.


And Roma serving an iconic Bowie look:


Then Shelia — a huge Rag’n’Bone Man fan — recreating the signed album he gave her:


And lest you think that was all the modeling chops Shelia had to offer, she nailed this Elvis cover:


And a Clash cover for good measure:


Finally, it wasn’t just the residents that got involved — the carers also had a go, and here are the stunning results:

Robert told BuzzFeed, “We have all been overwhelmed by the reaction the project and the residents have been in fits of laughter when they see ‘their’ album covers on TV.”

@Robertspeker / Sony

Basically, this project has definitely brought a smile to everyone’s faces.

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