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What I Learned – Trail Blazers’ Gary Trent Jr. has photoshoot in airplane bathroom

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His teammates were pissed, pun intendedTrail Blazers guard Gary Trent Jr. spent a long time in the bathroom during his team’s flight to Orlando. It wasn’t because his stomach was bothering him, though. He just needed to take some fit pics. Trent commandeered the (very spacious!) lavatory to show off his ensemble from Japanese streetwear brand BAPE. (A hoodie similar to the one Trent was wearing costs over $500.) After Trent posted four photos of his mile-high fashion show on Instagram, his teammates immediately started roasting him. “Somebody damn near pissed their pants waitin for this goofy stuff,” Evan Turner wrote.Now, did Trent really keep everyone waiting for the bathroom? Probably not. It’s not like every member of the roster had to pee during the 15-minute window Trent turned the toilet into his personal Milan. But I think we can all appreciate a little good-natured ribbing at the expense of one of the young guys on the team. This isn’t as dumb as it seemsThe NFL is reportedly banning players from exchanging jerseys with members of the opposing team after games this year. It’s a move intended to reduce the risk of transmitting the coronavirus. Players aren’t buying it. Obviously there are so many things players do during the course of a game that are more likely to spread the virus than a postgame jersey swap. Offensive and defensive linemen slam into each other huffing and puffing all game long. But the jersey-swap ban isn’t acting like that isn’t a risk, it’s simply trying to do away with an unnecessary additional risk. Georgia Tech epidemiologist Zachary Binney describes it like this. They might not be able to play football anyway, though. The best of SIThe Big Ten announced that it will play a conference-only schedule, which is a bad sign for the college football season. … The 25 best players in the NBA bubble. … Dana White explains the deal with UFC’s Fight Island.Around the sports worldThe MLB Umpires Association released a statement distancing itself from Joe West’s coronavirus comments. … Nashville SC, like FC Dallas, was forced to pull out of the MLS tournament due to a bunch of coronavirus cases. … The NBA and Disney have worked out an agreement to give players special access to some park attractions.Joel Embiid has been critical of the NBA’s bubble plan, so this is how he showed up for the Sixers’ flightThe Mavs are having a blast in the bubbleAwesome to see a coach do thisThe New England Revolution hosted a drive-in watch partyFunny how that worked outHome run derbyIs it like that?Not bad for a bullpen catcherOh, this old thing?Adam Eaton’s reaction was pretty greatI think the players in the second NBA bubble are actually staying in a Motel 6You gotta have a sense of humor if you’re going to hit it that far off courseA little farther behind the plate than he’s used toNot sportsPeople in Taiwan entered a raffle to go through the entire experience of air travel, without the plane leaving the airport. … Five people were arrested in connection with the February murder of rapper Pop Smoke. … Apple’s new iOS 14 will apparently change the whole experience of the iPhone.How do you fall for that? A good songI watched Shaft for the first time the other day and the soundtrack is incredible. This song was also sampled for an Action Bronson track.Email dan.gartland@si.com with any feedback or follow me on Twitter for approximately one half-decent baseball joke per week. Bookmark this page to see previous editions of Hot Clicks and find the newest edition every day. By popular request I’ve made a Spotify playlist of the music featured here. Visit our Extra Mustard page throughout each day for more offbeat sports stories.


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