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What I Learned – Mike Perry: UFC fighter seen on video punching older man, using racial slur

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UFC welterweight fighter Mike Perry was recorded getting in an altercation at a restaurant, which resulted in him hitting an older man and shouting the n-word multiple times.The video, which was posted Wednesday and allegedly recorded Tuesday night, shows Perry being escorted out of the restaurant after an apparent dispute. Perry gets increasingly agitated as people demand he leave, and asks whether the police have been called to the premises. He eventually gets into a physical confrontation with another man, hitting him and knocking him to the ground.Following the skirmish, Perry yells the n-word multiple times while telling people to leave him alone.WARNING: This video contains profane, offensive language that’s NSFW:The controversial fighter has come under criticism in the past for using the racial slur, which he defends by saying online DNA tests say that he’s 2% black, according to MMA Junkie. Perry has also posted some troubling tweets in recent days, with one saying, “If you see us in public and you get too close, I’m gonna hit you.” He appeared to reference the video in his most recent tweet, which reads, “No comment.”Perry last fought on June 27, defeating Mickey Gall by unanimous decision. He is 14-6 in his career, and 7-6 in UFC competitions.


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