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What I Learned – “The Great” Funny Tweets And Memes

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“Tony Stonem walked so Emperor Peter could run.”

The Great is a very funny (and purposely inaccurate) take on Russian Empress Catherine the Great’s early years, starring Dakota Fanning and Nicholas Hoult.


Season 1 consists of 10 episodes that are all available on Hulu. It’s extremely addictive, so people are smashing through it. Here are some of the best tweets about it so far…


just started watching the hulu catherine the great show and I….do NOT know what to say

04:12 AM – 15 May 2020


me starting episode 1 of The Great: I will space out the episodes so I can savor it and enjoy it slowly.
me starting episode 6: fuck.

06:27 AM – 16 May 2020


Peter: someone should figure out what goes on between a chap and his mother. There would be money in that. #TheGreat


04:46 PM – 16 May 2020


i can’t believe
that it’s finally me and you,
and you and me, just us
and your friend steve


08:56 PM – 15 May 2020


guess all it takes for me to have a change of heart is some art and oral sex. my weakness disgusts me. #TheGreat

02:45 AM – 20 May 2020


genuinely can’t get over how fucking brilliant nicholas hoult is as peter. god tier comedy #TheGreat

03:28 PM – 16 May 2020


elle fanning playing catherine the great is something i never knew i needed, but wow im so glad i got it

07:31 PM – 17 May 2020

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