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What I Learned – Ray Allen: NBA player shows natural hairline on Instagram (photo)

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Ray Allen’s hairline is, appropriately, shaped like a three-point lineThe prolonged period of social distancing is wreaking havoc on peoples’ grooming habits. When you’re not going out in public, you have no real reason to shave or to touch up your hair. Hell, with barber shops closed, everyone’s in the same boat. Ever since his days with the Sonics, we’ve become accustomed to seeing Ray Allen with a shaved head. But the Hall of Famer can’t be bothered to pull out the razor during lockdown. He posted on Instagram that pretty soon he’d be looking like Sherman Hemsley on The Jeffersons. Credit where it’s due, Allen actually had the guts to post a selfie of what he looks like now that he’s stopped shaving. Of course the guy who made his living from beyond the arc has a three-point line on his head. Allen is 44, so it makes total sense he’d look like this now, but then you realize that the reason he started shaving his head in Seattle is that he was already starting to look like that.  As Slate writer Joel Anderson points out, guys in the NBA used to rock their natural hairline no matter how old it made them look. Allen says he’s going to keep this look going “until the ‘Rona’ kicks rocks!” He’s also challenging several of his bald NBA contemporaries to follow his example, like Richard Jefferson, Rip Hamilton, Carlos Boozer and Stephon Marbury. Marbury has already responded with an emphatic “nah” because “no one is seeing my cow lick.”The best of SIMike Gundy has a plan to play football during the pandemic, and it’s ridiculous. … The Bucs should have brought back their creamsicle uniforms. … How are MLB players adjusting to life at home during what should be their season?Around the sports worldJohn Harbaugh is concerned about NFL teams’ draft conference calls getting hacked. … Tottenham Hotspur owner Daniel Levy is considering using the team’s grounds crew to do the landscaping on his estate. … Dana White’s “private island” being used for UFC events is actually some tribal land near Fresno.Here’s what the Bucs will be wearing next yearNever going to not be weirdThe Falcons’ new jerseys also leaked46 years ago todayI wrote a little something when Craig Sager died in 2016 about his unique involvement with Aaron’s milestone homer.SNY is simulating Mets games in MLB the Show and got the usual broadcast crew to call oneWe were all thinking itI had no idea this was a thingFed is dressed for WimbledonAnother workout you can do at homeNot sportsThis smart toilet identifies you by reading your butthole like a fingerprint. … Two hawks bred to create a rare hybrid offspring. … TV networks may start airing streaming shows to fill coronavirus-related programming holes. … People are all up in arms about Wheel of Fortune inviting a contestant back for a second time over a technicality.The good news is you figured out cloningSo he wasn’t really playing a character on 30 RockA good songEmail dan.gartland@si.com with any feedback or follow me on Twitter for approximately one half-decent baseball joke per week. Bookmark this page to see previous editions of Hot Clicks and find the newest edition every day. By popular request I’ve made a Spotify playlist of the music featured here. Visit our Extra Mustard page throughout each day for more offbeat sports stories.


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