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What I Learned – Mike Gundy’s comments show Oklahoma State coach no professor

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Well, I guess there’s a reason they don’t call them “professor coaches”. That of course is in reference to Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy saying the team’s “student athletes” were young and healthy enough to fight off the coronavirus and thus should still report in the spring for the contact sport they play in the fall. And while I’m sure he’s right that football is good for the local economy, the participants involved here aren’t paid mind you. So therefore it might be even more prudent for Gundy to rethink his plan.Perhaps this was just Gundy’s way of telling another Mike, Leach something most of their players are too young to do—hold my beer. Given Leach just got in trouble for a tweet, we don’t need our memories refreshed like Urban Meyer for the latest example showing that even though major college coaches are oftentimes the highest paid public officials in their states—Dabo Swinney says hi from the private plane he recently used to go on vacation—they aren’t educators. We all know teachers don’t get those kind of salaries.Now I want sports to come back as much as anybody, I’ve said as much, but safely. And we’ve got months before kickoff. There’s absolutely no reason right now to rush players back to campus and in ultra close proximity to one another. This isn’t really a problem the just suck it up and play through it football mentality will solve.One would think those who work at a school would know better.


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