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What I Learned – I Can’t Believe They Just Killed Off One Of The Best Characters In “Money Heist”

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The AUDACITY of the writers!!! // Warning: Major spoilers for Part 4!

This post contains big, big, BIG spoilers, so turn around if you’re not up to date with Money Heist yet.

Alright — I’m assuming that since you clicked on this, you’ve already binge-watched the latest installment of Netflix’s La Casa De Papel — aka Money Heist.

Let me be the first to say that this season was off the charts. It had shoot-outs that made my heart rate go through the roof, one-liners that provided just the right amount of dark comedy and, of course, the continuation of this fantastical Bank of Spain heist.

But, just like in the earlier seasons, the high stakes of the robbery catch up to the gang and sadly results in one of them being executed.

This time it was Nairobi — the smart and tough as nails engineer — who was shot to death by Gandia, the chief of security for the Bank of Spain.

To be completely honest, watching Nairobi’s death had me ugly crying like there was no tomorrow.

It was emotionally draining, not only to go through the tense lead-up that resulted in her execution, but to see her fall after surviving being shot in the chest by the police AND operated on by Tokyo.

So the writers of money heist really allowed Nairobi survive a bullet to the chest only to have her later killed by a bullet to the head from gandia.

07:20 AM – 04 Apr 2020

Like, are you serious?!?!?!?!

Plus, it was revealed in flashbacks that Nairobi wanted to have another baby, so she could be a better mother and role model to her child this time round.


If you forgot, Nairobi already has a kid called Axel. She had him when she was a teenager and had to raise him on her own after her boyfriend found out she was pregnant.

In Part 3, it was revealed that Nairobi used her son as a drug mule. She would stuff cocaine and heroine into her son’s teddy bear to avoid suspicion when she completed deals in the local park. It was one of her greatest regrets and the reason she wanted to be better.

She proposed the idea of a child to The Professor while they were training. And after some initial hesitation, he agreed to be the sperm donor once the heist was over.


Far out, this was an emotional moment.

This not only led to a sweet exchange between Nairobi and The Professor, but an impromptu celebration with Tokyo, Lisbon and Stockholm who were beyond excited at the news and the baby’s name — Ibiza!

So, to have ALL of that taken away from Nairobi was, well, gut-wrenching to watch.


10:13 AM – 03 Apr 2020

All Nairobi ever wanted to have was a family. And while she may have found one in the heist gang, she desperately wanted that little slice of happiness for herself.

everything nairobi wanted was to have a fucking family with the man she loves (preferably bogota), she just wanted to be a mom and have a calm life I CAN’T FUCKING BELIEVE #MoneyHeist

08:46 PM – 05 Apr 2020

Let’s not forget how integral Nairobi was in the robbery. She not only kept the hostages on their toes, but was in charge of the falsifications of the bank notes in the Royal Mint of Spain AND the forge in the Bank of Spain.

She was a queen, a badass and one heck of a complex character, which is what made her so great.

And I don’t think I’ll be the only one to miss her presence on Money Heist and the relationships she built with Helsinki and Tokyo.

So, here’s to the real leader of the heist and the one that captured so many of our hearts.

FOR NAIROBI!!!!!! 😭💗

[cries in spanish] 🥺 🥺🥺

#MoneyHeist really is one of the best shows and if you haven’t watched it yet, you are missing out big time

02:15 AM – 08 Apr 2020

P.S. As a bonus, here’s Alba Flores wrapping up her last day of filming.

Nairobi’s last day 💔 We’ll miss you Alba aka Nairobi.


06:47 PM – 04 Apr 2020

This clip is taken from Money Heist: The Phenomenon, a doco on Netflix that looks into how and why the show became so successful. I’ve watched it and would HIGHLY recommend it for fans!

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