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What I Learned – Nevada Addresses Concerns About Election Security By Switching To Electronic Voters

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LAS VEGAS—In an effort to ensure reliable results in its Feb. 22 presidential caucus, the Nevada State Democratic Party announced Friday that it had addressed election security concerns by upgrading to a new system of electronic voters. “There is a lot of potential for human error when you have people recording their votes on paper, but we believe we can greatly reduce inaccuracies by digitizing the entire process, including the voters themselves,” said party chair William McCurdy, who explained that electronic voters select candidates faster and more precisely than their human counterparts, allowing delegates to be awarded to the correct candidate immediately and eliminating the need to contest the outcome. “We originally planned to use a new app to tabulate votes, but after witnessing the difficulties experienced in Iowa’s caucuses, we thought, ‘Why not use an app to cast the votes, too?’ It’s far more efficient than systems we’ve used in the past, and the best part is that the results will be available as soon as—well, now, if you’d like them.” At press time, sources confirmed the Nevada party had awarded Joe Biden the 1,990 delegates necessary to secure the Democratic nomination for president.


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