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What I Learned – Referee Reviewing Replay Excited To See Self On TV

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PITTSBURGH—Admitting that he had butterflies in his stomach as soon as Mike Tomlin threw his challenge flag on the field, NFL referee Tony Corrente admitted Sunday that he was excited to see himself on TV while reviewing a pass interference call. “I’ve watched the play five times now, but it’s just so exciting seeing myself out there with all the players,” said Corrente, who excitedly reported that you got a clear shot of his face at the top of the screen as he sprinted down the sidelines to call pass interference. “I wonder if my family is recording it—I told them to watch, but I’m never sure if I’m actually gonna get screen time. I know it’s a small role, but I can’t take my eyes off it. It’s always a trip to see yourself up on screen. Like, wow, is that what my hair looks like?” At press time, a rushed Corrente realized he had not even watched the whole play and decided to just overturn the call.


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