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250 old trading cards Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, History, Nascar

I have a huge set of trading cards, Baseball, History, Hockey, NASCAR, Golf, Basketball, some very old reprints of baseball legends. I don’t know a lot about trading card, I bought the lot from an estate sale. All cards are in plastic sleeves to protect them. I did a little research on random cards in the set and found after researching just 5 cards from the 250 card lot.

See for yourself search eBay with these terms. These are the exact cards I have looked up and have in the lot of around 250 trading cards. This is only 5 cards I looked up and the total value is $64.57. That’s an average of $12.91 per card If they all average that price that’s a profit of $3,228.50. Lets say they are all worth 1/2 that that’s still $1,614.25. I’m only asking $250 for this huge investment/profit potential. Ok so why aren’t I selling them? I don’t have the time or interest in the cards. Someone who loves collecting trading cards would be better off selling them or saving them for the future. 

2001 TOPPS Reserve Tony Gwynn Authentic Game Used Bat 
US $12.00 (with shipping charges)

1983 Tony Gwynn Topps Rookie San Diego Padres 205 
US $28.00 (with shipping charges)

1997-98 Topps Basketball Card #123 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Guard
US $6.00 (with shipping charges)

Jason Kidd 1995 Signature Basketball Trading Rookies Card # 101 
US $5.57 (with shipping charges)

1996 Score Board Rookies Kobe Bryant Graded BCCG 10 
$16.00 (with shipping charges)

I’m in West Islip, if you see the ad up the cards are still for sale, please done ask if they are still for sale (spammers wont get a reply). All the info is in the AD. Call Text Nine49-689-04Four9 or email me

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