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Jacob Tremblay Sweet-Talks A Sex Doll In Outrageous New Good Boys Trailer

Get ready to laugh until you cry at a pint-sized Superbad that’s not pulling any punches.

In the latest (ahem, extremely) red band trailer for Good Boys, we’re introduced to a world of raunchy jokes that’ll have you howling with laughter. Middle school was never this crazy, was it?

The movie stars Jacob Tremblay (Max), Brady Noon (Thor), and Keith L. Williams (Lucas) as three sixth graders who do their absolute best to impress girls and fellow students by going to parties they have no business being at, and getting into adult situations that will have you roaring with laughter – up to and including playing with a sex swing and sweet-talking a sex doll and stroking its face. Big yikes, but also absolutely hilarious.

When Max finds himself invited to a “kissing party,” he panics because he has no idea what it’s like to kiss a girl. Cue insane amounts of frenzied preparation and attempts at becoming cooler and more experienced in time for the party. Obviously, the boys go about accomplishing this in all the wrong ways…with plenty of drug and sex-related jokes peppered throughout.

Seth Rogen himself even makes a quick appearance at the beginning of the trailer to advise the movie’s three pre-teen stars that they can’t watch the trailer for their own movie because it’s filled with so much adult content. Cue Rogen scrambling to hide his bongs, telling the kids they’re just “vases.” Obviously, this doesn’t track with the boys, and they quickly remind him that they’ve seen his other movies, thank you very much, like Superbad and Sausage Party.

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The movie’s slated for release this summer, though there isn’t a release date just yet. Luckily, you can get some of the same vibes by watching the brilliant Booksmart, which is well worth seeing. Man, we sure wish school had been at least a fraction as exciting as these movies make it seem these days.

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