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What I Learned – Zach Braff, Alyssa Milano Call Out Trump For Far More Effectively Pivoting To Politics To Save Floundering Career

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LOS ANGELES—Publicly castigating the president for outstripping their own efforts, media luminaries including Zach Braff and Alyssa Milano held a press conference Thursday in which they criticized Donald Trump for his far superior ability to pivot to politics to save his floundering career. “It’s a national embarrassment that someone as bigoted and idiotic as Trump was able to parlay his flagging celebrity into such tremendous political success when our own attempts to do so have left us scooping up the crumbs,” said Milano, speaking on behalf of a coalition made up of Jon Cryer, Kathy Griffin, Michael Ian Black, and others that seeks to push back against the broken system that allowed Trump to rekindle his once-fading star. “Something is wrong when a washed-up, narcissistic reality TV star can become the most powerful man on earth and we’re still stuck on the bottom rung of the political-influence circuit, unable to recapture the fame of our early years. He saw the climate was conducive to building a personal brand around people’s outrage, and he did it way faster than any of us could. It’s sickening.” The assembled celebrities closed their remarks by urging those in attendance to act against “the gravest threat the country has ever faced” by following them on social media and checking out some of their anti-Trump rants.


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