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What I Learned – Atlantic Records Sends Cease-And-Desist Order To Woman Using Lizzo’s ‘Juice’ As Her Personal Anthem

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LOS ANGELES—Saying that the legal action should serve as a stern warning to all those who exploit the hard work of musicians, Atlantic Records sent an official cease-and-desist order Thursday to a local woman, 28-year-old Ana Sanchez, accused of using Lizzo’s single “Juice” as her personal anthem. “From her insistence on playing it on her headphones every time she enters work to her repeated use of the song in the background of her Instagram stories, this user has blatantly violated Lizzo’s intellectual property rights,” said Atlantic Records attorney Denise Ferguson of Sanchez’s “total disregard” for copyright laws by failing to pay the licensing fees required to claim a song as one’s personal anthem. “Miss Sanchez’s co-opting of this song for her personal brand is completely unacceptable. If she continues to play this song on the treadmill or while getting ready for a date, we will not hesitate to sue. To all those with the audacity to claim our client’s song as their own, hear us now: “Juice” is not, has never been, and will never be “your jam.” Ferguson went on to suggest that any woman looking for a personal anthem select “She’ll Be Coming ’Round The Mountain” or any of the other hundreds of songs currently in the public domain.


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