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9 Gifts for Dads Who Love to Travel

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From heavyweight portable speakers and fancy firepits to effortless tees and go-to bags, we’ve got the gifts that’ll make his day.

Shopping for the father who’s been around the world can be tough, but whether they’re clinging to a beat-up gym bag or rocking the latest titanium luggage, we’ve got the gear to take their travel game to the next level—no terrible ties or World’s Greatest Dad mugs involved. These are our favorite Father’s Day gifts for dads who love to travel.

1. For the Fashion Phobe

(Courtesy Unbound Merino)

Wool may seem like a strange choice going into summer, but hear us out: As a moisture-wicking, quick-drying, breathable fabric that doesn’t wrinkle or retain odors, it fits the bill any time of year. A basic black tee is a building block of any wardrobe, and Unbound Merino’s version can go days without needing to be washed, even when hitting the trails and working up a sweat. Between the flattering fit and the classic style, it’s a great option for travel – especially if he subscribes to the ‘pack one outfit and re-wear ad infinitum’ school of thought. Merino wool crewneck t-shirt, $65; unboundmerino.com.

2. For the Fire Starter

(Courtesy BioLite)

If your dad struggles lighting the grill but refuses to let anyone else handle the matches, BioLite’s FirePit could be the answer. With 51 air jets providing the oxygen needed to get things going, he can adjust the size of the flames either manually or via Bluetooth, thanks to a USB-powered fan that’s good for 24 hours after a single charge. The portable pit’s mesh body allows for maximum airflow, and it comes with a grill grate, so you can cook hibachi-style on a whim. Best of all, the fan system eliminates the smoke from the equation, so he’ll get all of the heat with none of the eye-stinging, clothes-infusing effects of a traditional fire. FirePit, $200; biolite.com.

3. For the Music Snob

(Courtesy Marshall Headphones)

For the audiophile who won’t leave home without his tunes, Marshall’s new Stockwell II speaker takes the show on the road – and it doesn’t compromise on quality. The brand known for its rockstar-approved amps brings the same attention to detail to the smallest member of its on-the-go line, from the easy-pairing Bluetooth to the adjustable knobs for treble and bass to the guitar strap-inspired handle. At a hefty three pounds, it’s not necessarily the thing to throw in your carry-on, but with more than 20 hours of play time at a range of 30 feet, plus a water-resistant exterior, a built-in power bank, and a quick-charge feature that buys you an extra six hours of entertainment, it’s great for road trips, pool parties, picnics and more. Marshall Stockwell II speaker, $250; marshallheadphones.com.

4. For the Swim Fan

(Courtesy Rheos Gear)

What dad wants to waste a day on the water combing its depths for missing eyewear? With styles for adults, kids, and babies too, the floating sunglasses from Rheos Gear eliminate the issue for the whole family. Boasting lightweight frames and polarized, UV-protected lenses – not to mention a lifetime warranty – these shades pop back up to the surface as soon as they’re submerged, and they come in a variety of styles and colors, one of which is bound to suit his taste. Floating sunglasses, $50; rheosgear.com.

5. For the Overpacker


(Courtesy Topo Designs)

We’ve professed our love for the Dopp kit from Topo Designs before, but its unique triangular shape really does make a difference. It’ll do the trick whether you’re shopping for the dad who likes to Jenga his pack or the one who stuffs his suitcase and forgets to leave room for a bulky toiletries case: He can flip it over and wedge it between two rows of clothes, and when he gets to the hotel, it’s narrow enough that it’ll sit upright on skinny bathroom sinks or shelves. Even with a small footprint, though, its interior is deceptively spacious, so the bright lining means nothing gets lost in the depths. Dopp kit, $34; topodesigns.com.

6. For the Caffeine Addict

(Courtesy Soma)

Anyone who takes their coffee setup seriously won’t want to compromise when they’re out of town, and Soma’s brew bottle lets them make a single-serving pour-over in the same vessel used to drink it. It works equally well for hot and cold brews; for hot, dad’ll just need to run a few cups of water through the hotel coffeemaker, pour it over the grinds, and go, while the cold method is a good option for camping or other low-power situations. All he has to do is set it up the night before and keep it chilled until it’s ready, then empty out the grinds and hit the road. (And if he prefers to get his fix from a more mild source, the bottle works with tea as well.) Brew Bottle, $40; drinksoma.com.

7. For the Outdoorsman

(David Scrifes)

For the dad who’s stuck in the office but dreaming of outdoor excursions, these National Parks–themed antiqued-brass lapel pins say it all. They come courtesy of National Dry Goods, a company co-founded by a Lonely Planet alum, with designs running the gamut from Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir to Yellowstone and the Rockies. We like four-piece set, which includes the Grand Canyon, the Great Smoky Mountains, Yosemite, and Yellowstone, but in case the dad in your life prefers, say, Acadia over the Grand Canyon, the pins are sold individually as well. 4-Piece Parks Series gift set, $40; natdrygoods.com.

8. For the Gadget Guru

(Courtesy Jackery)

The odds of his phone making it through a full day of sightseeing without a boost are slim to none, so a portable charger is a must. With plugs for iPhones and micro USB-powered toys like Bluetooth headphones and speakers, Jackery’s Bolt 6000 has enough juice to top him up multiple times throughout the day, and it charges devices quickly, so he won’t be plugged in for long. Even better? The whole thing is self-contained, which means no extra cords to get in the way. It’s one of the few accessories we take with us everywhere we go. Jackery Bolt 6000 portable charger, $30; amazon.com.

9. For the Impromptu Adventurer

(Courtesy L.L. Bean)

Everyone needs a bag they can pack in a hurry when a cheap last-minute deal beckons, and L.L. Bean’s signature duffle helps answer the call. Made from the same tough cotton canvas as the company’s near-indestructible beach totes, this no-frills weekender has an understated nautical feel that never goes out of fashion. A roomy compartment holds the essentials for a few days away, with two pockets, one inside and one out, to corral the important stuff; add sturdy, rolled handles and a removable shoulder strap for ease of carry, and he’ll be airport-bound in no time. Signature Made in Maine duffle, $149; llbean.com.

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