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Midsommar Is A Surreal Trip Through Relationship Hell

Here’s an important life protip for you: Don’t go to weird festivals in Sweden to try and mend your fractured relationship.

The latest footage of Midsommar, which promises to be a bizarre summer thriller, drives that point home well. This is our first real glimpse at what’s to come from director Ari Aster’s latest, and it looks even more nerve-wracking than his previous film Hereditary, if that’s even possible.

Previously, we saw a quick glimpse at what looked like a completely insane vision inspired by The Wicker Man but with very little context. Now that the full trailer’s here, we know a lot more about what’s going on.

Midsommar follows a young American couple named Dani and Christian. Saying they don’t get along is basically an understatement. The trailer opens with them arguing over going to some sort of Swedish festival while their relationship continues to deteriorate. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes, and Christian ends up inviting Dani on a trip to Sweden for the festival that he was previously headed to with only his friends.

Once there, the group travels to a remote Swedish village for a once-in-a-lifetime midsummer festival that happens once every 90 years with what appears to be some sort of, well, cult. The villagers invites Dani, Christian, and the rest of the group to partake in some particularly strange festivities, which apparently include pulling the entrails out of animals and drinking what appears to be a hallucinogenic substance that makes you unable to speak or move. Alright then.


It looks like a bizarre trip, though it’s positively drenched in sunlight and flowers, proving terror doesn’t always have to hide away in the darkness.

Actress Florence Pugh takes on the role of Dani, while Jack Raynor will portray Christian. Will Poulter and William Jackson Harper will round out the cast.

Midsommar is set to arrive in theaters on July 3.

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