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Hobbs & Shaw Introduces The Villain Idris Elba Was Born To Play

The latest trailer for Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (just Hobbs & Shaw if you’re nasty) is all about one thing: ridiculous, over-the-top action.

It practically delivers it in droves. But don’t let the Fast & Furious moniker throw you off. This is a much different movie — you won’t see a bunch of drifting and car racing, but you will see plenty of badassery.

Hobbs & Shaw brings us Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as his Fast fan-favorite character Luke Hobbs, with Jason Statham returning as Deckard Shaw, who we first rendezvoused with in Furious 7. The two can barely hold it together to pick a door, let alone knock out the bad guys, but we sure wouldn’t want to run into Hobbs or Shaw in a dark alley.

But while Johnson and Statham are kicking butt and taking names in this action free-for-all, it’s Idris Elba who really steals the show, declaring himself the “Black Superman.” He’s taking on the role of the “cyber-genetically enhanced anarchist” Brixton, who’s got it in his head that he needs to unleash a deadly virus upon the unsuspecting masses. Naturally, Hobbs and Shaw have to keep this from happening, even though this is basically one of the coolest villainous roles we’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing Elba take on.

The pair must work together to figure out how they’re going to partner up and bring down Brixton before he decides it’s time to unleash the bio-threat upon the world. Can they do it? Of course. Will they be able to stop talking smack to each other for one second while they go about it? That’s up for debate.

The trailer also introduces Shaw’s sister (Vanessa Kirby), and a brief peek at his mom, played by Helen Mirren. WWE star Roman Reigns is also appearing in the movie, who will play one of Hobbs’s brothers alongside Cliff Curtis, John Rui, and Josh Mauga.

Hobbs & Shaw is bringing its adrenaline-fueled antics to theaters on August 2.

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