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Y’all may recognize this Brooklyn-based beauty from the cover of her brand new book, Woman of Color, that just came out! We’re feeling all kinds of inspired by the bright ideas and takeaways from her book (and her blog!), which range from motherhood and loss, to useful beauty tips and using bold colors.

She sure has a way with color, as seen in her stunning New York city abode! LaTonya’s knack for hand-picking and mixing in old, vintage treasures with newer, modern gems is one to watch. We dig her eclectic style with pops of rich colors against neutral palettes and an overall effortless, lived-in look.

How great is her collection of chairs, y’all? The chill, powder blue walls make a mellow statement and let the pops of orange & coral steal the spotlight. Let’s not overlook the rich, jewel-toned rug there, too! We’re all about the contrast of modern chairs with the vintage frames and artwork.

We’re v into this lil’ vignette starring her antique dresser, stunning art, and giant palm plantie. That’s a winning combo right there!

A room that at a glance feels more simplistic is really full of all the fun deets – everything is v thoughtfully curated. Loving the look of the lilac sofa, deep rust pillow, statement light fixtures and all the planties going on in here? Peek at her jungalicious picks below and bring home the vibe!

  1. Set of Hacienda Recycled Glasses | “Love that these glasses are recycled but also stunning.”
  2. LaLa Coffee Table by Justina Blakeney | “My nickname is LaLa, so of course I was drawn to this coffee table!”
  3. New Bohemians Handbook
  4. Nova Lounge Chair | “This lounge chair is just gorgeous! I imagine it in my hallway with printed wallpaper – a place to rest in the chaotic city.”
  5. Tripod Piernas Vessel
  6. Ceramic Cups by Justina Blakeney | “These are great for drinking, holding dry flowers, or even just as pops of color!”
  7. Pyramid Soap Dish
  8. Mosaïque Pendant
  9. Ghana Fan | “For the hot summer Brooklyn day.”
  10. Spotted Bowl with Legs | “I always have a collection of bowls on my bedside table for keeping rings and burning palo santo. I love that this one has little legs, which can give any collection a bit of character!”
  11. Live 6″ Pancake Plant & Ceramic Planter


How rad is her outdoor patio, too? We could def see ourselves chilling out there with a good book in hand! Want more wisdom & style from this radiant gal? Follow along on her blog & Instagram!

Photos via LaTonya Yvette.

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Kelly Greenwood

Marketing Manager at Jungalow and longtime lover of botanicals, color + festivity!

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