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Jackie is Going to Ride a Bike Across Austria, Alone

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Today we kick off a new series about alternative ways to get from here to there as we travel, and we’re starting with bike touring! Join me as I chat with Jim Johnson, Founder of BikeTours.com, about my decision to take on a 200-mile solo bike ride across Austria. We’ll go over some of my fears and concerns and some of Jim’s best advice for newbie bike tourers. This is Part 1 of the conversation, in the next episode we’ll find out how it went!

Show Notes

This episode is sponsored by BikeTours.com! They offer over 200 bike tours in 40 countries across Europe, including both of the tours I experienced that you’re going to hear about in the next episode, along with a special gift, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, help me give them some love for supporting the show. Follow BikeToursdotcom on Instagram and check out the affordable and adventurous bike tours they have hand selected to offer on their website.

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