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The CPO Shirt Jacket – How to Wear + 12 Best Picks

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Why a Shirt Jacket

A shirt jacket may seem like one of those unnecessary, one-job kitchen gadgets that are a waste, but they’re actually quite useful. Shirt jackets have the shape of a shirt – the collar, the full button placket, the curved hem, chest pockets – but the weight of a sweater. Perfect for those times when wearing a pullover sweater would be too cumbersome to take on and off, and a cardigan isn’t what you’re going for, or, like with this Getup, over a sweater where sweater-on-sweater would be a bit…too sweater-y? Not only that, they can often be found in all-day-lazy comfortable materials like fleece, giving you that hoodie snug without the chore-day vibe.

More rugged than a sweater, and you can keep it on all day unlike a light jacket.

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