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What I Realized – Fable Vs. Truth: Stopping And Treating Colds

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A latest examine discovered that almost all of oldsters depend on cold-prevention methods which have little to no scientific assist. The Onion debunks well-liked myths about stopping colds.

MYTH: Colds are brought on by going out within the chilly.

FACT: Colds are brought on by sinning.

MYTH: Catching a chilly is an indication of a weak immune system.

FACT: It’s additionally an indication of a weak will and weak character.

MYTH: It’s best to drink honey with lemon.

FACT: Grandma simply made that shit up.

MYTH: You shouldn’t go exterior with moist hair.

FACT: There’s no proof for that, so go on the market with all of your sopping-wet associates and have an excellent time.

MYTH: Coughing into your arm is one of the best ways to keep away from spreading germs.

FACT: One of the simplest ways to comprise germs is to unbuckle and cough into your pants.

MYTH: It’s best to starve a fever.

FACT: Fevers are literally unrelated to meals consumption, so go nuts.

MYTH: In case your accomplice will get a chilly, you must simply settle for that you’ll too.

FACT: There’s no disgrace in quarantining a cherished one till additional discover.

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