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Financial Planners Suggest Spending One Evening Each Week Ripping Apart Walls, Floorboards In Search For Cash

CHICAGO—Saying that home prospecting can be “a simple, low-effort method of exercising financial foresight,” the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors published a report Monday suggesting readers spend one evening ripping apart the walls and floorboards of their homes each week in search of hidden cash, jewelry, or other valuables. “We strongly recommend scheduling time to pry up floorboards with a crowbar and peering around in your joists for any fungible goods, or perhaps sledgehammering holes in your walls to search for lost Rembrandts or long-forgotten bearer bonds,” said NAPFA CEO Geoffrey Brown. “While this financial technique can result in solid earnings, we advise against any single-element investment plan: Homeowners should also be digging for jars of buried pre-war silver dollars in their backyards.” The report also strongly advised residents of coastal areas to consider scuba dives to shipwrecks in search of sunken doubloons or jewels.

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