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Hospital Guest Has Creepy Feeling Someone Might Have Died In Her Room

OAK PARK, IL—Noting the chill that ran down her spine at the thought of what ghastly fate may have befallen the previous occupant, hospital guest Rosie Scholl found it impossible to shake the creepy feeling that someone might have died in her room. “I don’t know, there’s just this vibe, like something really bad went down in this room at some point—maybe even in this same exact bed,” said Scholl, who was further disturbed by her attending nurse’s cryptic refusal to divulge any additional information concerning the suspiciously short stays of previous patients. “I know it sounds crazy, but I’m pretty much convinced that someone breathed their last right here where I’m staying. Honestly, it’s not just my room—I get the creeps from the entire hospital. The whole place just feels like it’s seen more than its share of death.” At press time, Scholl had shoved a chair in front of her door after hearing an ominous moaning sound from down the hall.

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