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Supporters Praise Trump For Upholding Traditional American Value Of Supporting Murderous Dictators For Political Gain

WASHINGTON—In the aftermath of the president’s controversial meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Finland, supporters reportedly praised Donald Trump Tuesday for upholding the traditional American value of supporting murderous dictators for political gain. “It is a proud moment in American history to witness President Trump embracing one of our most cherished principles by ingratiating himself with a foreign tyrant in the service of advancing his political goals,” said Layton, UT resident Carl Fredericks, echoing thunderous approval from dozens of the president’s allies in Congress and the media, as well as millions of voters around the country, for using a meeting with the leader of a repressive regime as an opportunity to get on his good side. “What we saw from President Trump at the summit was an outstanding commitment to maintaining our proud national tradition of cozying up to brutal dictators and sweeping their crimes against humanity under the rug if it’s politically expedient to do so. When Trump chose to side with a murderous despot who has violently eliminated his enemies, cracked down on civil liberties, and caused widespread suffering among his people, he showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s an American president in the mold of his predecessors. He’s a true patriot.” In addition, Trump’s supporters praised him for his continued efforts to uphold the longstanding presidential tradition of getting America involved in foreign conflicts they were in no way prepared for out of sheer arrogance and hubris.

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