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This Just In: Art Botanica

We love sculptural, textured art because sometimes you need a lil’ something with dimension to balance a room design. That’s when we usually reach for a woven wall hanging or cluster a few baskets together to create visual interest on a wall. But you know what would really step that wall art game up? A hint of greenery! That’s where Kelley Anderson of Art Botanica comes in! Kelley makes these jungalicious moss wall art pieces using 100% naturally preserved ferns, moss, and lichen. Moss isn’t just beautiful – it’s also resilient and useful! Moss can go weeks without water and then it soaks up the moisture like a sponge when it rains. In fact, some gardeners use moss to support malnourished plants and soil because it can store nutrients and water that it can share with its neighbors.

Kelley has been working with plants and natural materials since childhood. She grew up in Connecticut and enjoyed spending time in the woods there. She hopes to inspire people to reconnect with nature through her work. Kelly shares, “I think of my art as a window into the harmony of the natural world. I want people to feel and experience that joy, love, and divinity that can be seen so clearly in nature.”



We love Kelley’s relationship to nature and how it comes through in every piece of her art.  We have several Art Botanica pieces here in the studio so we are feeling the good vibes Kelley infuses into each one. And speaking of good vibes – 10% of every Art Botanica sale goes to charity.

If you’d like to learn more about Kelley and Art Botanica, check out her website and Instagram.

All photos courtesy of Kelley Anderson and used with permission. 

Caitlin Watson Caitlin Watson

Being the In House Designer at Jungalow, I try to emulate what I love most in my life… color, pattern, flowers, plants and all things beautiful! You’ll find me in studio, designing beautiful pieces and helping to make Jungalow shine!

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