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Man Keeps Having Same Experience Where He Shows Up To Work Naked

NEW YORK—Describing the occurrences as super realistic and disturbing, local man Brett DeMonte told reporters Friday that he keeps having the same experience where he shows up to work naked. “It’s the same situation every time: I get to the office, and when I look down, I realize that I’m standing completely bare-assed in the middle of the room, and all of my coworkers are pointing and laughing at me,” said DeMonte, adding that though some details change from one episode to the next, like who’s in the room at the time or what day of the week it is, they always end with him being sent home by his boss to put some clothes on. “I don’t know what they mean, but it’s really starting to freak me out. They could be stress-related, or maybe something I ate is causing them. I just hope I don’t have another one tomorrow.” DeMonte added that it reminds him of a time in high school when he had recurring incidents like these for almost two weeks straight.

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