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Peter Strzok Summoned Before Congress Again For Texts Calling Trey Gowdy ‘A Pissy Little Shithead’

WASHINGTON—Following immediately on the heels of his hearing before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, FBI agent Peter Strzok was again summoned to testify before Congress Thursday about texts calling Trey Gowdy a “pissy little shithead.” “Now what exactly did you mean when you said Trey Gowdy was a ‘dickless fuck-weasel who couldn’t investigate his way out of a goddamn paper bag’?” asked Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte during an oftentimes heated exchange in which Strzok defended sending numerous text messages to former FBI attorney Lisa Page that referred to the Republican Congressman from South Carolina as a “slavering, knuckle-dragging dipshit.” “Mr. Strzok, I have a message here from today at 11:45 a.m. in which you call Representative Gowdy a ‘reprobate fuckface whose biggest claim to fame is pissing away $8 million of taxpayer money for a dumbass, partisan circle-jerk,’ suggesting that this level of bias existed from the earliest stages of this morning’s questions. There are dozens more messages just like this, calling our distinguished colleague a ‘pointless fuckwad’ and a ‘moronic scumbag’ that I would like submitted for the record.” At press time, Goodlatte had called for Strzok to be held in contempt for refusing to answer questions about how far he believed Gowdy’s head was up his own ass.

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