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Philadelphia Slathers Crisco on Street Poles to Keep Eagles Fans Down


Greased poles in Philadelphia on Sunday.

WCCO – CBS Minnesota, via YouTube

As the Philadelphia Eagles geared up for the N.F.C. Championship game at their home stadium on Sunday, the police were preparing to keep the city’s boisterous football fans safe.

They put up barricades, Capt. Sekou Kinebrew, a spokesman for the Philadelphia Police Department, said in an email. They assigned officers to patrol on foot, on bikes and on horses.

And they broke out cans of Crisco, slathering up street poles to stop people from climbing them.

If the Eagles win the N.F.C. Championship game against the Minnesota Vikings, they’ll advance to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2004 — something Eagles fans will undoubtedly celebrate.

Michelle Thompson, 27, saw the greasy poles along Broad Street when she started her shift at a restaurant on Sunday.

If the Eagles win, people will likely celebrate in the area, she said. As for the Crisco? “It’ll keep some people off, but after a certain amount of time, people will keep trying to go up there and I’m sure they’ll be wiping it off,” she said.

Captain Kinebrew could not say how many poles would get the treatment with Crisco, a vegetable shortening, because it was up to district captains to decide whether or where to use it.

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